Like my oldest daughter’s cats, I, too, wear many hats (although mine are figurative, and not hand crocheted).

I love to research, write, create, and share.

DESIGN: In the realm of publications, I am a typesetter first, and graphic designer second. After graduating from college, I started Archetype Typesetting in Riverside, California. I sold the business after 13 very successful years, and continued doing freelance work for both large and small clients, creating everything from monthly and quarterly newsletters, to postcards, tickets and event flyers for the Botanical Gardens at the University of California, Riverside.

GENEALOGY: I am a professional genealogist, and have lectured in many states and conferences, focusing on finding family stories and quality information online. My handouts are alway pretty dang awesome, as you might imagine 🙂

As my alter ego and cartoon self, Genie Weezles, I lecture and participate in the genealogy community in the virtual world SecondLife. I was instrumental in chartering the first virtual chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists, the SL chapter APG, which meets monthly in SecondLife.

Several years ago I developed the RelativelyCurious Internet Genealogy Toolbar, which for many years remained a wonderfully useful, free browser add on that easily linked users to all of the best genealogy sites, both free and paid. Unfortunately the company that provided the platform sold out to a far less reputable group who has since snuck as much adware and spyware into the free download as they can manage, so although it breaks my heart, I cannot recommend my own toolbar anymore. I am currently re-creating link lists on Pinterest and on my genealogy blog, RelativelyCurious.com. I also created and maintain the websites FindingFamilyStories.com, SLGenealogyGroup.com, and participate in writing for WikiChicks.wiki.

For the past four years I was the Community Assistant for the free online collaborative family tree, WikiTree.com. Pretty much the reason my blogs were quiet for, oh… about four years.

I also do some pretty amazing graphic design work (watch for the new look to STIRPES – the Texas State Genealogical Society’s quarterly journal). I take occasional freelance work, making researcher’s genealogical research reports into stunning visual family histories.

FOOD: Food challenges me – I’m always looking for a way to be more organized, economical and healthy. I’ve been doing once-a-month and crockpot cooking since long before it was fashionable. I know what works and what doesn’t work from a lot of trial and error.

FIBER ARTS: Fiber arts fascinate me. I’ve had an obsession for fabric as long as I can remember, starting with handsewing tiny doll clothing during recess when I was five. I love to batik, although I haven’t melted a pot of wax in years. These days I quilt and sew when I have time.  My latest venture is to combine my computer expertise with embroidery digitization skills, to create awesome machine embroidery designs.

So there you have it. This website is really just a personal space for shameless self promotion – sometimes knowMen as a portfolio.

That’s me.

~ tami

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