Saving my two cents worth

I love/hate coupons. I truly appreciate saving money – even twenty cents. But whether I’ve clipp3d-piggy-bank_G1YKVLuOed them at home, or picked them up at the store, I invariably pay for my purchases and find myself still clutching the coupons as I get in my car to leave. That is, if I even remember to take them. Uggh.

Problem solved:

Most grocery stores have “loyalty” cards that are hooked to your phone number. Even if you forget to take your card, you can punch in your phone number and still receive the in-store discounts. ¬†Better still, many grocery stores now allow you to go online to view their weekly sale flyer and coupons, and with a simple click, load any or all of the coupons that you want directly onto that loyalty card electronically (or you may print them out if you just aren’t ready to go all digital). ¬†You are usually also able to print out a simple list of the coupons that you’ve attached (so you remember what you wanted to buy), in addition to creating a shopping list while you’re perusing the ads and coupons.

The end result is that when you swipe your loyalty card, or enter your phone number, all of the coupons available are automatically applied if you’ve made the required purchases.